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Install items:

1. Make sure that the ground is flat and dry before installing.
2. The keels for the basis frame must be dried and sturdy enough.
3. No-water glue allowed in installation in case of damp and distortion.
4. Prevent water from washing room, kitchen and balcony soaking the flooring area.
5. Serious operation is needed in damp season in case of distortion.
6. The cutting section of flooring should be coated with dampproof lacquer in case of being damp.
7. The flooring boards must be balanced at least 24 hours before installation in order to adapt to indoor climate; the period of balance will be different according to temperature and humidity.
8. Undo 4-5 cartons of flooring boards and scatter the boards of chromatic aberration when installation.
9. The wood floor can be used at least 24 hours after finish installation.


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