After these years of efforts in producing wood flooring, we have exceled both in product design as well as in technical process today. To ensure that we remain on high quality, new products are constantly developed and tested strictly by a team of technical experts. In addition we have a strict quality control during and after the production, to further make sure that Guangri Flooring truly can be considered a lasting partner. And we are inspected by Chinese Governmental officials for quality control each 3 months, and posses many certifications, such as ISO9001,1401, CE etc.



All of our flooring raw materials and packing materials used are environmental friendly and certified that are none controversial according to ISO14001 standards. And also in the administration, futher to ensure that the products to be environment friendly .





We promise deliveries in time and optimal stock level, etc. And more efforts are made to enforce the negotiation power with shipping lines, trucking companies and customs, things can go easy.





The brand name ˇ°GUANGRI FLOORINGˇ± has been developed and registered as a trade mark word wide. And we have a highly professional team to make sure that you get the best service and quality products.





We can provide on request:

International transport services:
Land transport in China
Maritime (containerized or conventional) transport

Consultancy for:
Import - Export Operations
International Banking Operations
Cargo insurance assistance